Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Marketing

Google Adwords Management is the foundation of what we do at DX Technology Group.  It allows us to very quickly determine:

  • What people are looking for
  • What converts into business
  • Allows us to optimize landing pages for conversion
  • Feeds the Facebook Pixel with conversion data

We then can layer our other marketing services on top of the data that we're able to gather quickly through Google Adwords such as:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Facebook Ads
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

Our process starts with working with the business to determine what the businesses core products and services are and identifying potential niche markets that Asset Market can profitable target through digital marketing to avoid expensive competition that will eat into profits.  

Search Engine Optimization

Successful search engine optimization consists of a number of different components:

However, on-page SEO involves making sure individual pages are optimized for different keywords, making sure the content on different pages are geared toward those keywords, image alternate text are optimized, and there aren't any other red flags that search engines may not like.  

Off-page SEO involves getting high-quality, relevant websites to provide hyperlinks with the write words directing traffic to your site.  This is a vital part of the SEO process.  Asset Marketing does the legwork for you on this as this can be a time consuming process.  

Local Listings Management, as the name might imply, is more beneficial for businesses that have a brick and mortar presence.  This involves making sure that important information is accurate and consistent.  

Finally, customer generated content, such as reviews are becoming a much more important factor in Search Engine Optimization.  Review Management involves creating a centralized tool to automate the process of getting positive reviews.

Social Media Marketing

With over 2.27 billion monthly users on Facebook, businesses cannot afford to ignore this social network.  However, Facebook can also be a black hole for a business' marketing spend if they don't spend it wisely.  At Asset Marketing we focus on a few types of Facebook campaigns:

  • For new businesses, we will run Facebook "Like" campaigns very early on to build a small following, but more importantly get insight into who might be drawn to your brand.  
  • Retargeting ads to convert visitors to your website but have no purchased a product yet.
  • Using conversion data, pinpoint audience targeting, and powerful lookalike audiences, running photo and video ad campaigns to drive conversions.  

Facebook ads can take a longer time to start convert traffic, so we typically ramp up spend slowly until Facebook's tracking technology has had a longer chance to learn who wants to buy your products.